Return, Exchange, Cancellation And Refund Policy

The amount will not be refunded to you in any condition. We can replace the product only if you have received the product in damaged condition. You need to escalate your complaint within 7 days of the receipt of the product.

  1. Your product or damaged part will be replaced if you have received the item(s) in poor, damaged, or mutilated condition;
  2. Received an item(s) that is different from the item(s) that you have ordered with us;
  3. You would not be able to return the product if you have received it in perfect or undamaged condition;
  4. Warranty: The products sold are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year. In case you find that the product is not working properly, after you have opened the box, we will replace or exchange the product or parts to your satisfaction. The faulty product/part has to be returned to us for replacement/repair.
  5. Your order will not be cancelled in any condition once your order is placed.Important
  6. Images Shown are for reference only, actual products may vary. You will not be able to return product if you found minor color difference in product.

Note: At the time of taking the delivery of the items you ordered, please ensure that the product received is undamaged, is properly packed and acknowledge the same to the delivery person. If you have any queries, Call or email our sales support immediately.