About Us

Mycrofine Aata Chakki


Operating in India.

Mycrofine has a large scale of Experience of 48 years in household product there company has shown exceptional growth in the last few years and has become a famous household name. Mycrofine is pushing its own boundaries with introducing new products which are designed for high-performance and which are time-saving, easy-to-use and with extended production capacity, Innovation and customer satisfaction is Mycrofine’s passion.

Growth Story

Total investment done in the state of Gujarat, import substitution and employment generation by the company in Gujarat.

‘Mycrofine’ for which every component is truly an indigenous designed, developed & manufactured. Self-developed technology and market spreading has evaluated in developing one of the leading brand in the industry. Expanding its wings in the Gujarat region has escalated its presence in the regions of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra & Rajasthan. Last but not the least with through honest and systematic plan ‘Mycrofine’ is steadily mounting towards desired goals.

India Ki Apni Aata Chakki

Make in India – is the thought for young generation, that’s what Mr. Sachin Patel feels. He also believes that building up of any nation is totally the responsibility of the young crowd and India having the world’s richest strength in youth power can strive up to the global platform with the basic values of culture & self-recognition skills. Adding on to his thoughts the inherited and strongly rooted values towards nation and society makes him also believe that anything can be developed & produced in India, so he wishes to expand his wings in other sector also within the nation’s periphery.  Make in India – is such a wave that shall build up nation’s economy, employment & respect under the world business circle. He proudly boasts that being an Indian gives him internal pride and feels lucky enough to give out something to the nation. Finally strives that whatsoever he does would do it for the nation and develop such products which would be helpful to the nation.